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What’s Happening on My Birthday ?

Hi ! Welcome to my page <3

It’s been 8 days since my birthday on 11th August. I should write this post on that day but I don’t have a time to do that T.T

Hmm I don’t have special surprise. But I got a lot of unusual surprise from some people around me. Honestly I was too tired now so I don’t wanna make a paragraph in this post. I’ll share by list hihi.

1. Got a Birthday Greetings from (virtual) Yoongi


By the way. That birthday greetings video was made by me hahaha. I made this video until 02.00 a.m (actually I was waiting for someone call that time so I decided to make this video to fill the time).

Surprisingly I got this video cut before my birthday, and the cake carrier was Yoongi. Actually it’s Jungkook’s birthday. Yoongi suddenly come and bring that cake to surprise Jungkook. But I cut Jungkook’s parts so it seems like Yoongi bring that cake for someone withheld. Then I made sure that someone withheld in that video was me by giving a birthday greeting using my name haha. I know this is nonsense. But I’m happy because Yoongi always inspires me. He is my ultimate bias ***

2. Got a Birthday Greeting Calls from Someone
Someone I waiting was calling me at about 4 p.m. Hmm I thought he was busy or tired of work. I didn’t mind about it but I was happy he finally called me. It seems usual but he was very special for me. *ahhh forgive my drama wkwkwk. But it’s true <3 Every single word he told me that time, really made me comfort.

3. Got a Birthday Greetings from Jason
So who’s Jason ? Actually I don’t know him at all and I never meet him before lol. He’s an exchange student from China. He’s my friends mate at AIESEC. So this story began when Rafika, my friend (at JawaPos) record me using InstaStory because she was so curious and amazed with my birthday haha. Yeah she’s my first friend from Zetizen division.

When she uploaded my face (I’m sure I’m just laughing in that video and do a weird face pose just for fun and make us laugh). So I thought I’ll be bad on video she recorded, and I dont care of that haha. Until a few hours later she text me and told me that her friend, named Jason really want to say happy birthday to me. First, he say that I’m cute. But I don’t know what’s make him really encouraged to say happy birthday to me wkwkw. We even don’t know each other haha.

4. Got an Unusual Birthday Greetings from my Roommate
Yeah, it seems that she is the less caring person on my birthday. I told her many times, even a day before my birthday. Then she just said “really ? haha“. Eeerrgh -_-
But on 8.00 p.m, she text me, asked me when I came home. (I was working that time). Then she said that she felt very lonely in my room. strange. It’s been a month we shared a room and she knows that I always come home after 9 p.m.
I just ignore her and told her to watch drama or do something funny instead wait for me wkwkkw.

Then, when I came home, unexpectedly she gave me a box of donut and a glass of matcha milkshake. She said, “This is for your birthday. I’ve been waiting for you for a long time but you always come home late. Look at this. I’m not sure it will be so tasty now”. Haha thought, she never care about my birthday but I was so touched. Weird girl wkwkkw.

But that was not over yet. Suddenly she gave her phone to me and said, “Blow out the candles..“. What ? What candles ? This girl was crazy I thought. Then she told me that he had been downloaded a Korean birthday application. Wattaaaa ?!!!
This application really amazed me. So, if you blow out the phone speaker hole, a virtual candles in your phone will be disappear. And a Korean Happy Birthday song will be played after that. Hahahahah so cute.


5. Got a Cute Birthday Greetings from my ArmyMATE
Well, she is the one that I always text everyday. Yeah, we talk about Bangtan everyday hahah. Actually she is my highschool chairmate. We committees that we have our husband in Bangtan. Yoongi is mine and Jungkook is hers. Haha. The real dreamer fangirl.

Screenshot_2017-08-11-17-33-37 (1)

Look at her greetings above, she told everyone that I’m Yoongi’s wife lol. Watta, I’ll pull her hair if I could . I love her. She’s my besty in highschool.

6. Big Hit Released the First Poster of Min Yoongi on “Love Yourself” Project
Yes. Big Hit is BTS’s agency. So there are a lot of rumors that Bangtan will comeback with Love Yourself concept. A day before, Big Hit released the first Love Yourself poster, staring with Jungkook. But the next day (on my birthday), Big Hit released Yoongi’s.


Of course, I was so curious with this concept. But I never expect that Yoongi’s poster will be released on my birthday, 11th August ! OMG. Can you imagine that ? My ultimate bias’s poster came out in the same time with my birthday. lol. Watta beautiful accidental <3 <3

7. Got Korean Birthday Greetings from My Siblings
Believe it or not, my sister text me with Korean. She said happy birthday with Korean, and I’m sure she is so good in Korean, although this is just happy birthday greetings. I was so happy. She always support my dream to study in Korea. I really2 love her.


So that’s all. Thanks to everyone who always support me, also my readers. This blog is really meaningful for me. This blog is the place for me to speak out and share anything. 




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