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We Got Married [Review]

Finally i found kind of variety show in Korea that describe kind of Muslimah or Muslim behaviour, no relationship before married. This variety show is WE GOT MARRIED. Okay, the main rule in this game is you’ll never know who’s your future husband/wife. Then you’ll meet each other when you’ve got married.

The first episode i watched is Hyun-Yeon couple. Surprisingly, they dont know each other although they’re entertainer. Hyun is CNBlue guitarist, and Yeon is a newbie actress. And its so romantic watch their act in their first meet. Both of them feel so nervous and you can see, they cant really release their smile!. They looks like a new couple that just married in Islam behaviour, bashful and sooo polite to each other.

I can feel that feeling ! Ah, i thought thats so romantic and absorbing. After i watched this variety show, im conscious of Allah’s plan. Im conscious why there are no relationship before married. It will keep your feeling when you first time meet your husband. And thats the reason why all of Muslimah must wear syar’i, because it will protect you from other guy’s eyes. Just for your husband. And just wait for your romantic scene in your life !

Anyway, dear my future husband, i’m glad waiting you here. Be there, take me into Jannah and we’ll live in 2 world, on earth and heaven, of course. Then you’ll be the most handsome guy i’ll ever see 🙂

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