Genius lab
Bangtan Sonyeondan (BTS),  K-POP

The Transformation of Genius Lab

Hi ! Welcome back! Actually I need some dope to motivate me reaching what called success. And the transformation of Genius Lab really drugged me so bad. I cant hold it so I write about this in my blog.

So what is Genius Lab ? Genius lab is one of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan | 방탄소년단) Studio. Yes, I’m talking about K-POP again but in another point of view. BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) is a seven-member South Korean boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment.

Most of their song are produced by themself. There are three member that always appeared when I search about song’s composer – Suga, Rap Monster, and J-Hope. But I found that Suga is the most commonly found lol. They have their own studio to produce a song. Genius Lab is Suga’s.

Suddenly I remember if they (the three member I thought you) are rappers. But recently I know Jungkook become one of them. His golden maknae (the youngest member) finally has his own studio like his hyung (a call for Korean old brother/member | like “mas” in Java). Then he will be the only one vocalist who became a producers 😀

Suga’s career as a producer was rise up when WINE song came out. I’m one of the person who addicted to this song. He really makes Suran and Changmo (the singer of WINE) become so adorable together.

Ok, do you all guys got it now ? :v I know maybe if you’re surprised by the title of this post. It seems like I wanna tell you about Sains because of Genius and Lab word, right ? :p

So here, I wanna tell you how Genius Lab getting transformed after a lot of BTS’s awards and Suga’s achievements.

Genius Lab
Yoongi in his old Genius Lab

The picture above shows us the oldest Suga’s studio. The space was so narrow, I can’t believe it became an idol room. The speaker were placed separately. I thought common people will not realize if that room was an old Genius Lab.

watching Yoongi’s back while busy in his room always being my dope guys T.T



Ready to see the transformation ?


Genius Lab
New Genius Lab
Genius Lab
Yoongi in his new Genius Lab
Genius Lab 5
Yoongi’s Stuff

The transformation of Genius Lab really make me scream a loud !!! Seeing every his personal stuffs in this room is such a s%$GFGI**&^)&&&$$ . I thought I would swim across ocean now (shy*shy*).

by the way, I see Kumamon there. His love to Kumamon was so deep eoh ? Can I be your Kumamon, my baby Yoongi ? *dreaming *itsokay *dreamalwayswelcomeyouhesay :p

After all of this unbelievable transforming, Yoongi, once again got me crying because finally he has new studio again.

The Founder of Genius Lab – Min Yoongi
Genius Lab
Suga’s PC Wallpaper

I thought he just buys some new stuffs and reorganize them so Genius Lab looks larger than before. It just my expectation because I don’t see any difference in this room. But still, its like I wanna run my hand to touch his fluffy hair, whisper a congrats greeting to him *dreamingagain *itsokay lol.

So guys, well these are the transformation of Suga’s studio, GENIUS LAB. He always motivated me by his achievements. Now look at his new studio !  He has his name on both screen like a whole boss. Yes I’m speechless and still can’t stop love him. Still being my role model.

It represents his struggle to reach his dream. I know how he sleep in every place he stood on. Seems like he doesn’t have enough time to sleep because of his addicted job.

Finally guys, I’ve to end it here :p Honestly, I want to take out a lot of thoughts in my head to you. But I’ll write it separately. Hope this post can inspire you, though you’re not a K-Popers. Living in South Korea is not easy so that’s why I’m addicting to him.



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