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Me and A Man

Ahahaha… πŸ˜€

Sorry I’m starting this article by smiling a lot :3

Well, this time I would to tell my readers about me , and a man.

Actually it seems I didn’t really know how the relationship works. I just read it in a novel, or watch it in a film or drama. So in this post, I’ll show how I may be react in a relationship with a man (in romance case). I’ve never been married before.Β It’s just my prediction related to my habit and personality kkkk :v So keep on reading <3

1. It’ll be so Easy to NoticeΒ 

I would be so obvious about my feelings if I fall in love. This is proved by number of my writings. I may be hide it to my friends, but they’ll be able to tell my feelings just from my face.Β I would definitely act different, get excited, and sometimes talk nonsense stuff :p

I’ve actually thought about this, and I think everyone of us would be engrossed because of their weird feeling. I want to be as rational as possible but after I fall in love I probably won’t be able to do that anymore.

2. Shy

I’m really shy to strangers and I don’t show affection until we become close enough. I don’t like texting or calling by phone. Once we are in a phone call, I won’t be able to say anything. I know it seems weird because I can talk and laugh naturally with my friends.
It’s like I lost everything in my head, not just in a phone call. It also happens when we meet in person.

I may need stay close to him in unlimited time, even in my bed time. I really need that for adapt myself to him so I can take out my thoughts easily to him in a conversation lol.
Yeah.. it will happens when I married πŸ˜€

3. Just Him and Him and Him and Him

Well, I’m actually the type of person that when I fall in love, I will only focus on one person. And will be able to see things related to him. Just like for writing. If I love what I wanna write, it would be so cheerful writing it though in unlimited time. Once I have started liking something, I won’t mind other stuff anymore for sure.

I’m not really the type of person that falling in love easily. But once I fall in love, I might make efforts to change things about myself for him as long as it’s positive and can change me into a better person.

4. Indoor-date Type

I’m the type who love indoor-dating like watching TV, playing games, eating together, taking some selca together, or just lying on a bed and teasing each other by make some jokes. I thought it would be so romantic. So maybe, when I married, I would love to decorate my house to trap my husband as well or make over my appearance so my husband will only look at me hahahha :v

But sometimes, I’m the one who love traveling and shopping together. Playing at the beach is my favorite ! But, trying a lot of adventure in the playground would be nice too :p

So, what’s after this ? Waiting for my future “man” of course and praying for it —

Thanks for reading this nonsense post kkk :v Since I live alone in Surabaya, I start to write everything about me. I just like it and at the same time I learn how to improve my English skills :v

Love <3




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