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Martial Arts ? Why Not !

This time, umm ahahahha (Im laughing when I write this blog!) i have decided to try something new in my life. Yea, something that never been in my head before, martial arts :D. Well, i recognize i was inspired by Lee Jong Hyun oppaa , a musician, songwriter, actor, and black belt judo. OMG i dont know why i always think about him and want to be talented person like him. Although my another reason is “he is the only one young prude oppaa that i know” haha #forgetit.

Beside that, im also supposed to distract myself for a while, so i think i have to try this martial arts. Maybe Aikido, Judo (umm, i think not. because im not an expert in attack someone wkwkwk), or Juijitsu. From my friend (a Kendo athlete), Fadly Akbar Nasher, i know that Aikido is more suitable for woman like me. But i cant find Aikido Dojo (a room or hall in which judo and other martial arts are practiced) near my office or dorm. The nearest one is in Kertajaya, but i have to think about the cost although i know the cost is maybe around IDR 200-400 thousands/month. Fadly suggests me to take the first course in ITS, because the cost can be reduced than other Dojo. But there’s no Aikido, only Juijitsu. I think its okay to take Juijitsu. Im supposed to survey more when i come back to Surabaya.

I think martial arts is very important for women to take a selfdefense. So i have strength reason to try this. Moreover, i want to continue my study in Korea (if i can catch KGSP, aamiin) or in UK (if can catch LPDP, aamiin), so im supposed to have selfdefense because i will live there alone.

Maybe its not difficult to take this kind of martial arts because i have been doing that for 3 years in my Senior High School. But that is an Indonesian martial arts called Pencak Silat. I never try Japanese martial arts like judo, kendo, aikido, juijitsu, karate do, etc.

Ah ya ! Little sharing, i know from one of Japanese youtuber who study in Seoul National University (aaaaa my university destination >.<), that some Ahjussi and Ahjumaa (an old man and woman in Korea) have a good strength to push you in a crowd or do something else to you ! So thats why we have to self-defense, especially if we want to go abroad. (ah come on , i know i just search this reason to motivate me :p) But its true !! I dont know that so many things push me to try martial arts. I hope i can join immediately :)))

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