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Making Someone Falling in Love with YOU ! | Indonesia vs South Korea

Making someone falling in love with you ? Are you guys guessing I’m writing about romance ? Honestly I’ll talk about business ๐Ÿ˜€ But this post will show you how attracting people’s is more important than anything, even your products – starting talk about business.

Last week, I’ve meet the CEO of MarkPlus Inc, Jacky Mussry. He told me a lot of marketing knowledge, as he lead a marketing and consulting company. A story about costumer’s habits change til how to handle it in digital era. “You’ve to make them falling in love with you instead of making a good products,” he said.

It doesn’t mean that a good product is not important. But the main thing if you want to attract people is treat them well as you can. However, costumer made your income increase !

Make them feel comfort with you. Make them feel there’s no one more understand them as well as you can. Make them think that you’re the one for them. Make them being loyal to you. Just do it like you attract a boy or a girl. Of course , they want be coddled by you. It’s called costumer experience.

Me at Wow Service Day Event by MarkPlus Inc

So, I’ll make a parable case here. Sorry again :v, I use K-POP as my example and I’ll compare it with Indonesian singer or entertainer. It would be exciting I thought. As you know, K-POP is one of Korean stimulus in Hallyu or Korean wave. It improves their income in entertainment business and also their honor in the world.

Do you know guys, K-POP artist especially girl group or boy group has a lifespan of up to tens of years, and also their fandom. It’s not only one or two group, South Korea has tens of groups that have timeless fandom. TVXQ for example. This group debut on 2003, but now this group still generates the most revenue for their agency. It’s unbelievable!!

So yeah, I thought South Korea had applied what’s Jacky said. Costumer experience. It happens to me, really !

Being a Korean group fans take too much time. I’m sure, Indonesian people doesn’t familiar with K-Pop because it has an unique style of music. So do I. I need almost one month to like them because I have to get used to it. After hearing again and again, finally I’m addicted to them. FYI, you wont be able to find western or Indonesian song in my phone now lol.

But, it’s not my point. One month is my prediction. Then I was wrong because, it turns out, I just need 1 until 2 weeks for being a fans. Do I listen to their song everyday that time ? BIG NO !

I watch their reality show. I stalk their fandom account. I watch their V-Live (live program of Idol). I found a lot of cute fan-art of them. I watch their fan-sign event. All of these, speed up my knowledge about them then like a proverb, “do not know then do not love”. I love my Idol just 2 weeks after knowing them !

Beside that, I also found that they have a lot of fan-stuff like lightstick , key ring, t-shirts and their physical album. That’s strategy really encourage people to buy their physical album. Also, they have a wonderful concert concept which coddle us so good. FYI, they can sell all of their concert ticket in just 1 seconds ! Unbelievable. Kind of great marketing right ?

Also, their Live Program let us, as a fans, knowing them, even their personal activity. Like shaving, face cleansing, bed joking, and also, we can see how they sleep in their bare face and unexpected expression during sleeping. That was so amazing. It’s like we are living with them!

So here I’ll show you how precious a Live Program for a fans during their longing lol ! [Watch the video]

After Live Program, the best marketing ever is fan-sign event! I even can’t imagine it ! It’s not just signing event. In this event, you can talk and laugh to your Idol, hold their hand as well, touch their body parts like face or hair, you can give everything you want to them – and ask them to wear it, you can ask them to write what you want on post it. You can do all of theseย face to face ! It feels like you are dating with your Idol, though the time is limited. But yeah… it’s called costumer experience!

So here I’ll show you how precious a fan-sign event for a fans ! [Watch the video]

After knowing all of this, I understand why I can’t stop being K-Pop fans. I just remember, it was like an accident when I start to like them. ( Read this :ย Jadi Kpopers Gara-Gara Pangeran Wang Eunย ) .ย 

Now, I don’t know how to stop it. It was like an opium lol. They are so adorable. Set or not, I still love my Idol. I cant tell it more because I thought it will be difficult if you’re not K-popers.ย So yeah..that’s how South Korea managed their artist and fans and put them into a pool which has a mutualism symbiosis.

And in Indonesia, I think the period of a fame, still based on the products. If you have a good product, you’ll survive. If you have an unique voice and good song continuously, the fame is yours. But if not, you’re done. It’s temporary. They’re not falling in love with you, but with your products !

Just remember, if a costumer falling in love with you, all of your products will be the best products for them, EVER !

How Costumer Become Your Lover

Considering what he said, I’ll try to think how I’m addicted to something. Just remembering how I’m addicted to Suga, my ultimate bias in BTS. Actually he’s not really handsome or something. First time I know him, I thought he’s gonna be like G-Dragon, imagine , its like a bad boys! Almost all of his stuff represent it. I don’t even want to know him. Moreover, many people say that he really has swag style. I mean, only a handful of bad boys can attract me.

Until I meet my old friend in junior high school (I mean chat using instagram lol). Surprisingly, she’s K-Popers too, same like me ! But, she’s an ARMY (BTS fandom), and I’m an EXO-L (EXO fandom) – in that time. She talk a lot about BTS. I know about them, yeah I know because they are so popular. But still, my only one fandom in that time is just EXO-L.

After 1 weeks, I know more about BTS. She told me. She influenced me. All about BTS. Then I know that BTS has one cold member. A cold, calm, mysterious man. He really attracts me. He is Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga a.k.a Agust D. Then I’ll try to know more about him by asking my friend. She’s told me again. Wah, I thought Suga is me in a man version.

After that, I really addict to this person. He finally become my role model. He let me laugh every single day by watching BTS’s Live Program or his V-Live.

So.. yeah, my friend is BTS lover then she finally influences me to be an ARMY too! Natural move of costumer who really get a good service from their Idol, even they were separated by country!

So here I’ll show you how BTS treat ARMY so well :

Image result for bts love army
They made an ARMY body sign
Image result for bts love army
ARMY are the first people they thank when they win awards or something like that

Again, this is UNBELIEVABLE !

I have no words again. I’m sorry because my English is too poor to explain my thoughts toward you. I’m still learning :v Hope it will be improved on my next post.ย 
But thanks for reading !

Love <3




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