Learning Korean Language

Learning Korean Language


I’ve been learn this language for 1 month since i finished my final project. I read , rewrite, and try to memorize some of Hangul alphabet. And ya, my first achievement is write my name by Hangul ^^

I need some of time to write Hangul because they have a lot of structure of writing word like WA, traffic, vertical, and triangle system. And you have to know what kind of letter that you put. There are 2 kind of letters, vertical and horizontal letter. For example (its my favorite letter because easy to remember :p) , vocal letter “u” and vocal letter “a”.ย Both of them are quite different. Let see this :


Letter “a” have vertical shape and “u” have horizontal. So you CAN’T put them together in vertical system. Seems difficult ? Yes of course. But its so absorbing, i dont know why :p

After learning how to write Hangul letter, I start to make some introducing dialog. Ah ya, I have to listen Korean language more before try to speak it. Thats why, i watch a lot of drama (no no. I just watched 2 drama ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ i was so busy :p). The intonation of Korean language is very different and more expressive. So you dont have to be so SHY, if you want to be expert :p :p :p . Threeย weeks always playing drama, im getting used listen Korean language and, little by little i can simulate speaking that language better.

I also use Youtube as my teacher (anw, thank you so much Youtube!!). There are 2 channels that i subscribe. The first one is Han Yoora’s channel, she’s Korean who lives in Indonesia and work as an artist (watch Kelas Internasional at NET.tv). Then the other one is Learn Korean with KoreanClass 101.com. I love the last channel because you can learn 2 different languages at the same time, English and Korean. And ya, the speaker in this channel speakย English clearly like a native speaker although she/he is a Korean people.

Today, i have memorized some Korean phrase and i’d like to share it by soundcloud here :

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