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How To Stop Procrastinating – EASY TIPS

Hi guys welcome back to my blog ! So today I’m gonna talk about “procrastination”. I’ve write a short article about that in my last post before. But today I’m gonna focus on “HOW TO BEAT THE RESISTANCE“. Yeah resistance that makes procrastination happened.

Talking about resistance, there are a lot of resistances that maybe disturb us for doing our works. Let say checking Instagram, open Facebook, taking new picture, or just eat your favorite food from the fridge. It is because “THAT WORK” ~ that you are struggled for ~ is so important that you’re scared to do it.

SO HOW TO TAKE ACTION ? ‘duh’ yea I know it is difficult, so let start it with smile and more slowly…

1. Look at what you have to do and ask yourself “What is the smallest, easiest, next step that I can take towards this goal ?”

For example :

If you wanna do a research paper for your college, just take some easy steps to start like :

– Open your Microsoft Word

– Type the date

– Type your name ~

yeaa JUST BREAK IT DOWN ! Remember the baby steps 🙂

2. Give baby amount of time like “I’m gonna do this project for fifteen minutes or thirty minutes“.

3. Using music to set the mood.
You can search on Spotify. Ex : Deep Focus or Piano in the Background.

4. Set the mood in your space.

– Light a candle

– Clean up your desk so that you have a clear working space

– Ask yourself what is your ideal space to work and CREATE THAT !

5. USING APP to keep your focus.

An app that I love to help me get to work and focus is called Forest (i’ve mentioned it in my last post about procrastinating). So, Forest is an app that’s based on the idea of planting a digital tree.

6. Start a day by journaling or meditate before you get to work.
In my journal, I’ll write down all the things that are on my mind, get them out of my mind and onto paper. See my bullet journal Instagram account (@agustdjournal) .

I create beautiful bullet journal to refresh my mind while journaling.

So, that is 6 steps that I could tell you guys about HOW TO BEAT THE RESISTANCE. Hope you found this post will be helpful. If you did it, don’t forget to subsribe on my blog 🙂



Got this inspiration from : Lavendaire

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