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Have a Problem on Your Face ? Knowing Your Pores Now !

Hi Beauties !

Welcome again to my beauty tips post. These days, I have noticed that my pores are getting more visible. That’s really make me so dizzing and I decided to focus on how to make my pores smaller.

But before we get to that, I thought it would be important to clear the small stuff out like, what are pores exactly ?

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What are Pores ?

Pores are a hole where your hair grows and excesses sebum to keep yur skin moisturized. It’s about 0,02 – 0,05 mm. But did you all know that your pore shapes can be different depending on your age and different causes ? That doesn’t look good for us. So here I list some reasons below.

Reasons of Enlarged Pores

  1. Hormones
  2. Wrong Way of Cleansing
  3. Age
  4. Extremely Environmental Issues

There are 3 different types of enlarged pore shapes, the O, U, and Y shapes. Woa. I thought it’s oddly interesting, right ? So now let me explain each one for you, Beauties !

O Shape

This shape is caused by hormones and it includes oily skin types as well. If you have this shape, your pores have already enlarged during your adolescence. It was effected by your adolescent hormones that may have caused excess sebum, and it clogged up in your pores. In this case, even if you take care of your pores regularly, you are likely to have excess sebum and a lot of blackheads.

U Shape

U shaped pores is caused by dryness and lack of elasticity. This can start when your skin starts aging, before and after you turn 25. You will be able to see and notice your pores enlarging, lacking elasticity, and you will start seeing wrikles. Your dry skin will seem rough, most of the time. The U shape will look long because it is stretched.

Y Shape

If you have Y shape pores, we need intensive elasticity care with lifting and rich-moisture products for sure ! You have to avoid exfoliating product or scrub and use a rich moisturizing product to loosen your dead skin cells and gently wipe them away.

So how to shrink enlarged pores ? There are a few products I used in my beauty routine. They have been helping me to take good care of my enlarged pores. FYI, I’ve U shaped pores because of the dryness of my skin. I’ve been using these products for 2 weeks and I see my pores are getting smaller. I will share my beauty routine on my next post.

So, thanks for reading. Knowing your pores now, and take care of it !




Source : WishTrend Youtube Channel

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