[Short Cover] WINE – Suran ft Changmo_Prod. SUGA

SURAN (수란) ft. Changmo (창모), [Prod. SUGA]

‘WINE/If I Get Drunk Today (오늘 취하면)’

WINE (Suran ft Changmo) _ Cover by Devita#suga
Hi guys ! Have you hear my cover on my Flickr video above ? How’s it ?! wkwkkw

So this is my favorite song produced by Suga. Honestly I only hear this song for Suga but omgomgomgg, I didn’t expect that Suran’s voice is so good and fit with Changmo! This is an amazing song and I can’t stop replaying it 💕

I put Suga’s picture on my cover because I love him so much hihi. It doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate Suran and Changmo. They’re so adorable but back to my reason above, I sing this because of Suga :p

Surprisingly it is at #1 on Melon ! I cant believe he can make this kind of song because he always like to make hip hop. OMG Suga, UR A FREAKIN GENIUS !

So here I’ll show you guys the original tracks of Wine :


Thanks for coming and always being my readers !



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