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Couple Shoes w/ Baekhyun EXO | GUCCI Sneakers


It was just edited lol. But I really love this edit because looks like a real pict :p. Left pict was me with flowers series and the right one is Baekhyun with bee series. I’ve bought this shoes from Hongkong 2 or 3 months ago but I never wear it outdoor lol. I never want to have this couple series. I was just like the flowers in that shoes. But finally I was realized this is a couple. My bias has bee. Bee and flowers – mutualism symbiosis. #lol

Though this is 1:1 premium quality, it’s really fit on my feet. It’s about Rp 350K.

So here I’ll show you the real picture of mine and Baekhyun’s :


I found this photo from Kasper’s instagram. He’s a choreographer in SM Entertainment. He tags Baekhyun’s account, so the right one is him, wearing Gucci Sneakers – Bee version.



This picture below is mine. Flowers version for female. It’s not original. It’s premium 1:1 quality, imported from Hong Kong.




Though it’s not original, the quality is still good. I feel so comfort when I wear it. I use it for indoor exercise. But it’s not slippery shoes so it’s hard to move when you have to do hard workout which is include a lot of  crazy movements lol.

So , that’s my quick review of my lovely shoes. Hope it’ll be useful for anyone who wanna try Hong Kong products. Hihi ^^



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