• Pied Piper
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    Lirik & Terjemahan – ARMY’s Answer to Pied Piper by BTS

    Hi. Hari ini gue baru aja nemuin cover lagu Pied Piper, tapi versi ARMY. Di postingan Speechless : Arti Lagu BTS ‘Pied Piper’ Bener-Bener Nampar Fans Secara Halus ! , gue udah jelasin tentang makna lagu Pied Piper buat ARMY. Nah, sekarang gue pengen share ke kalian, salah satu cover lagu Pied Piper yang liriknya adalah jawaban Army kepada BTS. Thanks to Treasurejm Channel yang udah bikinin lirik yang super duper manis ini. ue bener-bener sukaaa dan akhirnya langsung bikin covernya. Buat yang penasaran sama full versionnya, bisa cek link di bawah ya. FULL (Youtube) : https://youtu.be/HK_rYc0jw4U FULL (Soundcloud) : https://soundcloud.com/puspa-devita/pied-piper-army-answer-to-bts Di postingan ini, gue juga nulis full English Lyrics…

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    [Collabs Cover] Juniel – I Drink Alone

      Hi ! First time I know Juniel is from Jonghyun CnBlue Video Clip. I like her voice a lot and I feel so fit with her voice. Some people told me that she’s underrated but I thought she’s fine and she’s just love sing. This collabs cover I made for support her. I always listen to this song whenever I feel down because the original MV just told us about “hardwork”. So Thanks For Watching ^^ -Dev-

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    BTS – YOUNG FOREVER (Fangirl Unplugged ver.)

    Singing along them is my fav to motivate myself. I’ve tried to sing in EPILOGUE ver but I thought I still can’t record as clear as that. So I put this unplugged ver for me. Well, I may not have been an Army since the beginning, but I will stay here to the end. You guys have taught me so much, how to be grateful for things I have, how to be kinder and how to love myself. You guys have made me so happy. And I’ll always be thankful for that, I hope that I can see you live one day, that’s my biggest wish, until then… imma support you…

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    RAIN by Taeyeon – (Easy) English Lyrics

    Hi, here I rewrite the English lyrics of RAIN song, originally by Kim Taeyeon. It is not the translation of Korean lyrics. Janny, a song writer from Korea writes new lyrics using English language to help us sing this song easily, because Korean pronunciation is not easy to be spoken. So hopefully you’ll enjoy my video ! Don’t forget to like if you love my video and subscribe my channel toooo ^^ RAIN – Kim Taeyeon Looking outside, seeing all of these streets of grey I’m feeling so lonely, opening the window As the rain drops fall, all I did was think of you All my feelings they’re flowing through my…