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    Review : MediHeal Line Friends Ampoule Mask – Kembaran Sama SUGA BTS !

    Hi Beauties !! I’m so happy now ! Akhirnya gue bisa punya produk yang dipake Min Yoongi a.k.a Suga BTS. Yah.. meski cuma sheet mask, it’s okay lah ya. *fansfanatik *wkwk   Suga ini adalah member dengan kulit paling mulus di BTS. Entah karena perawatan atau memang dia dari lahir kaya gitu. Kalo udah jalan bareng member lain, keliatan banget yang kulitnya paling putih ya si Suga ini wkkw. Menurut gue sih karena dia emang dilahirin kaya gitu. Soalnya kalo liat kesehariannya, kayaknya dia ga bakal ngerawat diri kalo ga pas disuruh. Soalnya makan aja jarang. Kehidupan Suga itu cuma buat lagu sama tidur -_- Siapa sangka akhirnya dia jadi…

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    BTS (방탄소년단) – Coffee [Hangul/Romanization/English Lyrics] | feat Devita

      Hi Guys ! Since I was an ARMY <3 , I sing a lot of BTS’s songs. Coffee is one of my favorite because I’m addicted to this beverage lol. So I make this duet and sing along vocal line’s voice because I can’t rap in Korean. Hope you guys enjoy this video. This is the first time I make triple language video lyrics – so I spend a lot of time to make this 🙂 Thanks and also checkout my another cover below : 1. BTS SUGA, JIN, & JUNGKOOK – So Far Away : https://youtu.be/8pdby7st-DU 2. (SHORT COVER) BTS – Butterfly : https://youtu.be/hKT8oZx9-dg 3. BTS – Coffee…

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    Making Someone Falling in Love with YOU ! | Indonesia vs South Korea

    Making someone falling in love with you ? Are you guys guessing I’m writing about romance ? Honestly I’ll talk about business 😀 But this post will show you how attracting people’s is more important than anything, even your products – starting talk about business. Last week, I’ve meet the CEO of MarkPlus Inc, Jacky Mussry. He told me a lot of marketing knowledge, as he lead a marketing and consulting company. A story about costumer’s habits change til how to handle it in digital era. “You’ve to make them falling in love with you instead of making a good products,” he said. It doesn’t mean that a good product…

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    The Transformation of Genius Lab

    Hi ! Welcome back! Actually I need some dope to motivate me reaching what called success. And the transformation of Genius Lab really drugged me so bad. I cant hold it so I write about this in my blog. So what is Genius Lab ? Genius lab is one of BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan | 방탄소년단) Studio. Yes, I’m talking about K-POP again but in another point of view. BTS (also known as Bangtan Boys) is a seven-member South Korean boy group formed by Big Hit Entertainment. Most of their song are produced by themself. There are three member that always appeared when I search about song’s composer – Suga, Rap Monster, and…

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    (Full Cover) Lost Stars – Jungkook & Devita

    Finally I really did a full cover of my favorite song of Adam Levine. And surprisingly I found Jungkook that had a beautiful voice (almost same with Adam) on Janny’s channel. And then with a thousand recording (no..im kidding :p), I did my first duet with him. Wohooo. But I m not sure that I did the best because I still found some strange tune in this duet cover. Huhu 🙁 Hoping I can remake this cover soon with him :3 So here , I put our cover below and I’ll update the link (if I can remake huuhuhuhu T.T). Hopefully its not too bad 😀