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Bye Concentration Distraction !

Today I realize that I have a difficulty concentration. When I do something, just 10 minutes later Im gonna do another work. I dont know why it just killed me. Is it because of a lot of job that I wanna do? Like umm.. you know, I am a student, a freelancer, blogger, and I am addicted to Kpop so I like to see the updates of them. Aargh Idk. Just want a lot of time. I also have problem on my sleep hours.

There are a lot of productive app installed in my phone but sometimes it doesnt work at all because of ME, not those apps. What should I do? By the way this is 3 a.m and I still cant close my eyes. Oh damn my brain what are you doing now. Time to sleep! Please be tired 🙁 I have so many homework from the lecturer. Should I turn off the Instagram? Oh no it shouldnt 😢 but how. Gonna try to watch some concentration tips on Youtube. I’ll update it later.

So, I’ve been watching some concentration tips on Youtube and I found that our brain needs a time to get focused on something. So if we change it rapidly in a a short time, it will make our brain confused. Then finally it will be ended with undone work. YES TRUU !! OMG.

Some of them suggested me to download some useful apps like “FOREST”. The design of this application was so cute but have to much memories to download. Big thanks for my 4GB RAM smartphone, it works so well and helps me to focused doing my thesis lol. I cant believe that now I’ve been finished the third chapter of my thesis. YEAHHH !


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