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BTS – YOUNG FOREVER (Fangirl Unplugged ver.)

Singing along them is my fav to motivate myself. I’ve tried to sing in EPILOGUE ver but I thought I still can’t record as clear as that. So I put this unplugged ver for me.

Well, I may not have been an Army since the beginning, but I will stay here to the end. You guys have taught me so much, how to be grateful for things I have, how to be kinder and how to love myself. You guys have made me so happy. And I’ll always be thankful for that, I hope that I can see you live one day, that’s my biggest wish, until then… imma support you guys from a distance.

For some reason the lyrics ‘I want to stay forever young‘ sung by Hoseok seems so damn powerful to me. I don’t know why…I’m really emotional about the whole ‘growing old‘ theme and listening to this makes me feel so motivated . At the same time, I’m really happy that BTS can create music that can touch me so deeply.

I’m a hundred percent sure that the fans – real fans – loved this music video a lot and had a huge impact on them. Of course, as a fan, I’d definitely be admiring them not only because of their looks but also their extraordinary talent. Their love for singing, their love for actually making people feel inspired, motivated, and determined to conquer life no matter what through their songs. Therefore, the effect on the fans will surely work and motivate them to pursue whatever they want.

I’ll put the official MV of YOUNG FOREVER by BTS below. It’s EPILOGUE ver. Just listen to the music.. ah they’re so amazing.


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