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[AGUST D Anniversary Mixtape Album] – 1 Year With AGUST D

Honestly singing along his rap — it feels like we have an interaction even we’re separated by distance *awww *lol

Hi guys. It’s 15th August ! Means AGUST D 1st Anniversary. Woah. Its been a year since Agust D first mixtape was released on Youtube. So I decided to make this short video. I sing along vocal line on Hip Hop Lover song, after SUGA rap parts. Honestly I wanna make a duet cover of AGUST D but poor my Korean is still not good, and you know that Yoongi’s rap is faster than my internet connection lol.

In Hip Hop Lover (Dark & Wild Album), I really love my parts :

I’ll be down for your rap
I’ll be down for your rhythm
It still makes my heart pound
It makes me be the real me
Yeah I love this

Woah…. it really represents me, how I love his song so much!

My Night Post on Instagram, Related to His Mixtape Anniversary. It’s about 2 a.m. :v

Im still on my project now, streaming his 2 mixtape MV on Youtube, ‘AGUST D’ and ‘Give It To Me’. Hope I can stream until night, but I have to work today 🙁 *showingmylovetohim *SeoulIndonesiaIsNotFarAway

Link for Streaming :
‘Give It To Me’ :

Thanks for Watching ! Don’t forget to stream his MV to show your love for Yoongi. Saranghae cingu ^^



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