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A Disturb(er) ?

Honestly this is just my thought about a disturb(er) boy. Arghh boy’s behavior around me! Some of them are so scary. They talk about me, tease me, chat me with full of nonsense stuff. I don’t know why I always face this problem at my work-space. They’re my partner. I don’t ever give special care to them but why ? Who do they think they are ?

Also, this night a man get in with me in elevator. Suddenly he told me that he knew me, also my division. I don’t know him as well. It was shocked because I never meet him before.

“I know you because they talk about you a lot. They say that you’re so cute. They always ask me, do you know Puspa from (that) division ?..”
“Who ? How do you know ?”
“A lot. My friends. From A, B, C, etc.”
“Are you from Ev* division ?”
“No. I’m from M*”

I’m still smiling at him, hiding my shock feeling. Then going home with a big question, what I’ve to do ?
Then my deepest heart says, “Calm down, you’ll face a new environment…back to my first place at Surabaya 4 years ago but in higher level.”.

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